Meet your Learning Centre Manager - Dave Hone


What do you do?
The most important thing that I do, is to help you to find courses and qualifications that will move you forward in your career - both inside and outside your military service.  I can offer you flexible learning built around your commitments and needs. We offer many courses so there is bound to be something to suit you.

What do you love about your job?
The opportunity to provide a learning service, primarily to soldiers.  This is my way of giving back after my own career in the army, when there were no 'in-house' learning facilities.

Meet your Learning Centre Administrator - Teresa Reed


Meet your PD Advisor - Nigel Cooper


What do you do?
My main role is to offer you advice and support in your Personal Development. I can help you with your own PD plan, offering you information advice and guidance on what PD opportunities RACPD can give you. I also work closely with Dave Hone, the Learning Centre Manager and Teresa Reed the Learning Centre Administrator, making sure that you maximise all your PD opportunities. I also offer advice and assistance to the Regiments' NVQ co-ordinators during the delivery of Telecommunications and Logistics Programmes. Having completed the resettlement process I can assist people through this and help soldiers claiming the educational grants that are available to them, in particular Enhanced Learning Credits and Standard Learning Credits. You are more than welcome to come and find me in the office and talk through any personal development issues, from creating a training plan to helping with specific courses or a resettlement plan.

Where can I find you?
I am in the Regimental Training Wing Room 126. My door is always open if you want to discuss anything about personal or professional development (including CLM at any level). Please feel free to come and see me!