BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Information Security Professional

About the course

The qualification proves your competence to work at a management level in the IT and telecoms industry. It is a nationally recognised qualification by employers such as Aton, BBC, BP, BT, Cascadian, CGI, IBM UK, Serco, Thales and QinetiQ.
It is well suited to SNCOs and above working in the ACS trade who are looking at working as ProMon/Network (Security) Engineer, Security Engineer, Networking Security Officer or Governance Officer.
With this qualification you’ll achieve a BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Information Security Professional Competence (Level 4 is equivalent to a Foundation Degree).


Information security is the process of protecting the availability, privacy and integrity of data. While the term often describes measures and methods of increasing computer security, it also refers to the protection of any type of important data, such as personal diaries or the classified plot details of an upcoming book. No security system is fool proof, but taking basic and practical steps to protect data is critical for good information security.
With this qualification you will complete several units including:
Health And Safety In ICT 
Develop Own Effectiveness and Professionalism
Testing the Security of Information Systems
Carrying Out Information Security Risk Assessment
Carrying Out Information Security Audits
System Management
System Operation
Carrying out Information Security Risk Management

How long is the course

Anywhere between 6 and 24 months depending on how quickly you can build your portfolio.


£400 for RA personnel (or £225 with SLC). £2500 for non RA personnel (or £500 with ELC). RACPD is ELC provider number 1620*.


You will prove your work-based competence by producing a portfolio of evidence under the guidance of an assessor in your unit. The process will take somewhere between 6 and 24 months depending on how quickly you can build the portfolio.

Where do I study?

Predominantly at your unit although, depending on your trade, some learning may take place at Larkhill.

What's next?


Other details

*Price includes a tablet computer which will be issued on completion of application.


Induction onto the diploma takes place year-round, so we should be able to get you started very quickly. Speak to your regimental Personal Development Advisor or telephone the Programme Manager at RACPD on 01980 845732/94322 5732 or 01980 845312/94322 5312.