Level 3 Certificate in Traffic Office

About the course
This qualification is for anyone responsible for one or more military vehicles and/or who works within a Bty MT.

The Certificate is a nationally recognised civilian qualification that demonstrates your competencies and understanding of the logistics industry. It is aimed at those working, or planning to work, in planning and organising the (land) transport and movement of goods. It could lead to employment such as a traffic officer, traffic clerk or transport manager.

Also included in the Level 3 Certificate is Functional Skills Level 2 in maths, English and ICT. You need to achieve Functional Skills at this level in order to qualify for promotion to sergeant.

With this qualification you will complete several units (as well as Functional Skills) including:

  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities (ERR)

  • Health, Safety and Security at Work

  • Routing and scheduling of loads

  • Develop productive working relationships with colleagues in Logistic Operations

  • Manage the Traffic Office

  • Release vehicles for daily tasks

  • Post journey reports and checks

  • Help team members address problems affecting their performance in Logistic Operations

  • Manage your own professional development in Logistic Operations

  • Build and manage teams in Logistic Operations

How long is the course
Minimum of one year to complete.

Free to RA personnel if eligible for the apprenticeship, otherwise £300 for RA personnel (or £125 with SLC). £1200 for non RA personnel (or £200 with ELC). RACPD is ELC provider number 1620.

Your knowledge will come from completion of the Arty Log Course Level 2, as well as the training and experience you have gained in your professional role. You will prove your work-based competence by producing a portfolio of evidence under the guidance of an assessor in your unit, with the addition of some tests for Functional Skills (if required).

Where do I study?
The qualification is delivered entirely whilst working at your unit.

What's next?
If you’re interested in progressing your logistic skills, then take a look at some of our other logistic courses or speak to a member of the Logistics team (details below).

Other details
If you are not serving in the RA but feel that you are in a suitable role for the course, then speak to a member of our team to find out if you can take it as a standalone qualification funded by you using ELC.

After completion of the Arty Log Course Level 3/4, induction on to the apprenticeship takes place year-round. If you’re in the RA speak to your PD Advisor for details otherwise call the Logistics Programme Manager on 01980 845097/94322 5097.