Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA)

There is a range of assessor qualifications available to you depending on what you do and your level of expertise. The CAVA Level 3 qualification is for anybody working in, or looking to work in, assessment and internal quality assurance.
This qualification qualifies you to earn money from the RACPD whilst serving and delivering workplace assessment of soldiers in your unit on RACPD courses. After your military career, this qualification can lead directly to civilian employment as a vocational assessor.
Once you have achieved your CAVA qualification you can apply for an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) role, but you will need to have been a qualified assessor for a minimum of 12 months before you can do this.

With this qualification, you will be observed in your workplace. You will support and mentor a minimum of two learners who are working towards their apprenticeships. You will learn about assessment methods, keeping accurate records and motivational techniques.
CAVA can be broken down into the following segments:
• Course: Two days classroom study at Larkhill or your regiment
• Assessment: Six months in which you are assessed whilst delivering the workplace
assessment of soldiers in your unit
On completion of the CAVA course, you will:
• Understand the principles and practices of assessment
• Be able to assess occupational competence in the work environment
• Be able to assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

How long is the course?

Probation period plus normally one or two hours a week over six months.


£750 but you can use your Learning Credits*.


CAVA is delivered in a group and on a one-to-one basis in your workplace. You can complete your CAVA using a traditional paper-based portfolio or with an online e-portfolio. Assessment is done by means of a portfolio of evidence which you have gathered. Throughout CAVA, you will be supported by an RACPD IQA and trainer, who will observe you with your learners, and support you in completing your portfolio of evidence.

Where do I study?

In your unit and at Larkhill.

What's next?

• Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development
• Level 3 Award in Education & Training
• Level 4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance (IQA)

Other details

*This course is free to those involved with RACPD apprenticeship programme delivery. Anyone else can use their Standard Learning Credits or, as part of a course bundle, use their Enhanced Learning Credits.


Induction on to assessor programmes takes place all year-round so we should be able to get you started very quickly. Speak to your regimental Personal Development Advisor or call the Programme Manager at RACPD on 01980 845312/94322 5312 or 01980 845732/94322 5732.