Aviation Ground Specialist Level 3 Standard Apprenticeship

About the course

This course is suitable for Lance Bombardiers and above working in the UAS Operator trade. The course proves your competence and shows potential civilian employers that you can work in a number of ground roles in the aviation industry, such as commercial airports, military bases, heliports or other airfields.
You will cover loading and unloading of aircraft, air traffic control, movement of aircraft and vehicles airside. You may also supervise others to enable compliance with regulations through a safe, secure and effective aviation operation.
Your knowledge will come from the training and experience you have gained in your professional role. With this qualification you will complete several units (as well as Functional Skills) including:
Core skills knowledge and behaviours
• Safety
• Security
• Compliance and regulation
• Communication
• Inter-personnel skills
• Aviation systems
• Disruption incidents and emergencies
• Dangerous goods
• Aviation timescales
Specialist function flight operations
• Support flight operations
• Monitor the weather in an aviation environment
• Reducing aviation hazards
• Resolve multifaceted aviation issues

How long is the course?

Typical duration is 18 months but may depend on experience gained in the job.

Free to RA personnel if eligible.


An assessor supports you throughout your learning to ensure the requirements of the standard are met. You will be able to complete some aspects of your programme online. On completion of the programme, training and functional skills, you will be assessed to gauge if you are ready for end point assessment. An independent assessor will then assess you on multiple choice questions, an observation of you in the work place and a professional discussion.
Where do I study?

At your unit.


Induction takes place all year-round, so we should be able to get you started very quickly. Speak to your Personal Development Advisor or call the Programme Manager
at RACPD on 01980 845732/94322 5732 or 01980 845312/94322 5312.