BCS Level 3 ITQ Certificate (Individual Units)

For IT users who have completed BCS Level 2 ITQ (ECDL Extra), these qualifications are studied as individual units allowing you to choose the application in which you wish to advance.

You can study any one or more of the following four units:

  • Level 3 Word Processing Software Unit (ECDL Advanced Unit 3) - Use the advanced features of word processing applications to enhance and improve your work
  • Level 3 Spreadsheet Software Unit (ECDL Advanced Unit 4) - Use the full potential of the spreadsheet application to produce higher-quality management information
  • Level 3 Presentation Software Unit (ECDL Advanced Unit 5) - Create effective, high-impact presentations using advanced features
  • Level 3 Database Software Unit (ECDL Advanced Unit 6) - Use the many advanced tools available in database applications to better manage and organise information

You will receive a certificate for every unit that you achieve.

How long is the course?
Each unit typically takes 30 hours but the timings can be flexible to meet your needs.

£150 for each unit but only £30 each if you use your SLC*.

You will use automated testing software in the Learning Centre which provides instant results on completion of each module.

Where do I study?
You can study in the Learning Centre, or independently, with tutor support available throughout. The course fee includes a text book to study each unit. However you choose to learn, you’ll be expected to keep in touch with your Learning Centre Manager to review progress. You can start your learning at anytime as this qualification requires independent study with tutor support.

What's next
If you want to study more than one unit then BCS Level 3 ITQ Certificate (Flexiqual or Advanced) may be for you.

Other details
*There is a cost of £15 per unit should you need to take any resits.

See your Learning Centre Manager for details on how to sign up. We have Learning Centres at all of the regular RA regiments. Details of which can be found here.

Search for the latest course dates and locations here.