BCS ITQ Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Extra)

About the course
Many employers will only consider applicants with a proven capability in the use of computers. The course focuses on the skills required in an office environment where everyday computing skills are essential. With a BCS ITQ Level 2 Certificate, employers know you have the skills to carry out commonly required computer tasks. This qualification will also allow for progression to BCS ITQ Level 3 Certificate and will complement other vocational qualifications.

For any RA SNCOs in the rank of Staff Sergeant, this course is also recognised as an entry standard for the Gunnery Careers Course (GCC).

You will study and achieve the following units:

  • Word processing software
  • Spreadsheet software
  • Presentation software
  • Improving productivity using IT

How long is the course?
You will study over a minimum of a four week period.

£175 but only £35 if you use your SLC.

Assessment is carried out by practical exams when you are ready.

Where do I study?
The course takes place at your regiment’s/nearest RACPD Learning Centre. To complete the whole award takes up to 120 hours. The course can either be delivered as a tutor-led course or as a self-study computer-based learning package.

What's next
This useful qualification will not only develop your IT skills, it will also allow you to progress onto BCS Level 3 ITQ Certificate in IT User Skills.

See your Learning Centre Manager for details on how to sign up. We have Learning Centres at all of the regular RA regiments. Details of which can be found here.

Search for the latest course dates and locations here.