BCS ITQ Level 1 Award in IT User Skills (ECDL Essentials)

About the course
In today’s workplace, you will find it almost impossible to progress without being competent in the basics of IT. ECDL Essentials is an excellent introduction to the world of technology. It builds confidence by teaching basic interaction with computers, from start-up to productive use and basic computer skills. It also develops internet and email skills and provides an essential understanding of how to use a computer in a safe and secure manner. This course could also improve your promotion prospects within the military as well as prepare you for a second career.

You will complete four specific Level 1 units from the ITQ framework:

  • Using Email*
  • Using the Internet*
  • IT Security for Users
  • IT User Fundamentals  

*The BCS ITQ combines Using email and Using the internet into a single assessment, covering the content of both ITQ units.

How long is the course?
You will study over a minimum of two weeks.

£175 but only £35 if you use your SLC.

Assessment consists of practical exams.

Where do I study?
The course takes place at your regiment’s/nearest RACPD Learning Centre. To complete the whole award takes up to 60 hours. The course can either be delivered as a tutor-led course or as a self-study computer-based learning package.

What's next
The follow-on course is BCS ITQ Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Extra)

See your Learning Centre Manager for details on how to sign up. We have Learning Centres at all of the regular RA regiments. Details of which can be found here.

Search for the latest course dates and locations here.