Level 2 Award Support Work in Schools

About the course

This qualification is suitable for anyone wanting to work with children or with young people, or who want to find out more about working in schools. It is also a good starting point for those wishing to become a Teaching Assistant or for those who would like to take up another school-based support role.


The course is made up of 5 units covering the following themes:
• Child and young person development,
• Safeguarding the welfare of children and young people,
• Communication and professional relationships with children, young people and adults,
• Equality, Diversity and Inclusion,
• Schools as organisations.

You’ll work in small groups, led by experienced tutors.

How long is the course?
3 hours per week for 12 weeks, to fit in with school terms and the school day.

£180* (*introductory offer )

You’ll work on items in class that can be put towards a final portfolio of work. There will also be some additional tasks, such as posters and projects.

Where do I study?
Study will take place in a regimental Learning Centre or classroom either on camp or in a local centre.

What's next
The Level 2 Certificate in Supporting Teaching in Schools. You can then progress on to a range of Level 3 qualifications in Supporting Teaching in Schools. All of these qualifications can lead to employment in the school sector.

For further information please contact the Teacher Education Team on 01980 845942/94322 5942 or see our course dates page for start dates.