Level 5 Supply Chain Operations

About the course
The Diploma in Supply Chain Operations at Level 5 (SCO L5) allows you to gain a recognised qualification that mirrors some of the skills you have gained during your military logistics career (QM, QM Tech, RQMS, and BQMS).

This civilian qualification has been mapped across to your military training and experience although you will need to do some additional work in the form of written evidence to confirm your knowledge. These short documents are straightforward to complete and use experience which is/was part of your routine work. You will be guided in what evidence is required to achieve the qualification.

This qualification has been designed in line with the civilian qualification of Supply Chain Operations (SCO). As a military logistician, you are responsible for ensuring that goods are transported and provided as quickly and cheaply as possible. This applies to the civilian world: a supply chain starts with the delivery from a supplier to a manufacturer and ends with the delivery of the finished product or service (i.e. vehicle, spares, clothing, food) to the customer at the right time and place by the most cost-effective method possible.

The Diploma is a comprehensive operations management qualification made up of some of the following units:

Mandatory Units:

• Ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, ethical and social requirements.
• Ensure an effective organisational approach to health, safety and security.
• Provide leadership.
• Develop productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders.

Optional Units include:
• Plan and implement change.
• Manage finance for own area of responsibility.
• Develop the culture of own organisation.
• Minimise the environmental impact and manage risk.
• Manage your own professional development.

How long is the course?
It may take only twelve weeks to compile your portfolio, depending on your previous experience and knowledge gained in your career. Those who are in a BQMS role will have to attend a one day workshop to cover the change management element.

£600 and you can use your learning credits (SLC). This qualification is also listed as an ELCAS approved course and can be completed as part of a bundle.

The assessment is done by submitting a portfolio of evidence which you have gathered. You will assemble your portfolio under the guidance of your assessor.

Where do I study?
At your unit.

What's next
Refer to the website www.racpd.org.uk 

Other Details
You will need to have achieved English and Maths at Level 2.

Speak to your regimental Personal Development Advisor or call the Programme Manager at RACPD on 01980 845358/94322 5358.