Sgt Meggan Wildish

What made you decide to become an assessor?

I had heard that you get a financial incentive for being an assessor and I had been thinking of doing some personal development for a while, so spoke to my PD Advisor Rob Dawkins who started the ball rolling.

I have also realised that I need to start thinking about the future and get myself ready for civvy street, so the more qualifications I can get now should prepare me better.

Is there any other qualifications you would like to do?

Yes I have signed up for the Level 3 in Education and Training as I hope to work in a teacher/trainer kind of role when I leave.

What are the benefits of being an assessor?

It is so rewarding helping others, not only am I developing myself but I’m helping others to develop at the same time. I am only on my first set of learners so have yet to see a learner through to the end, but I’m sure when it happens the end product will be an achievement in itself.