Gareth Deans


Currently employed as an HGV instructor, Gareth decided that he wanted to pursue employment as an instructor when he left the Army. Whilst on exercise Gareth got talking to a Gunner who informed him about the Compliance Training Instructor course that RACPD runs. “I thought to myself, I want to be an instructor and this course would enable me to become a civilian instructor, and not just for one topic, for several!”

Having successfully completed the course, and with limited time remaining he decided to make contact with companies in his local area searching for employment. He got talking to a transport hire company to see if they would recruit him as an HGV Instructor, and ended up getting a job as First Aid Instructor Manager! The company was expanding and keen to employ someone to ensure that all of their Health & Safety/First Aid requirements were met.

“Everything has fallen into place, I start my new job as soon as I leave the Army, and the job is 20 minutes from my house! My advice to anyone is take every opportunity going and complete courses which are connected to Civilian Street, so that you have a knowledge base ready for when you leave. Use your Learning Credits or lose them! They are there to help you and they mean you won’t have to part with a great amount of money for a lot of courses!”