Christopher Ball

Chris Ball, former WO2 from 39th Regiment RA is working as a European Apprenticeship and Graduate Manager for a global organisation.

How did he get from his military career to here? He completed numerous qualifications during his military career and some since leaving the Army in 2013. He completed work experience which gave him the necessary knowledge to make his mind up about what employment he would like to go into.

Whilst serving he completed a plethora of qualifications which included maths and English at Level 2, Level 3, 4 and 5 Teacher Training, Assessing and IQA, up to a Level 7 Certificate in Management and a BA Hons in Leadership and Management. Chris’s original plan was to teach in a college but after gaining work experience decided he wanted to move into apprenticeships.  He started off as an assessor for a training provider, moving on to become their Apprenticeship Quality and Compliance Manager. He then moved to a role as a Competency and Training Manager before moving to where he is now. His new role is to manage, drive and develop the regional skills training and Apprenticeship and Graduate development programmes, a role he is currently growing across Europe.

 His advice is to plan your departure from the Army early, identifying the courses you wish to complete as well as work experience placements you would like to attend to enable you to decide if that is the line of work you would like to go into and also gain valuable experience that you can put onto your CV. He adds the Army provides you with lots of transferable skills, you need to make sure they are reflected on a CV in a civilian context. If you haven’t decided which job you would like to do then tailor a CV to each one, for example, Chris had a CV for teaching, one for assessing and one for management. Chris (along with every other soldier I speak to) advised you to use your SLCs, they are there to be used, if not you lose them!