Chris Bland

Chris Bland, 2nd Battalion Duke of Lancaster

Chris had always had an interest in being a teacher or instructor. With his wife being a primary school teacher he decided that he would also like to go into the childcare profession and so throughout his career completed a teaching degree and safeguarding qualifications using his learning credits.

It wasn’t until resettlement that Chris and his wife decided that they both had child related qualifications, so why not do something that they could do together as a family and become their own bosses. They came up with the idea of setting up their own nursery and have since located a building and are going through the final preparations ready to open. Chris decided to complete the Compliance Training Instructor qualification with RACPD, which would enable him to have all the necessary First Aid and Health & Safety knowledge prior to setting up the nursery. He could also be responsible for training all of his own staff to the necessary standard without having to pay high fees for bringing in external companies.

What an exciting venture to do as a family, good luck Chris we would love to know how it all works out for you!