Learning Credits

All courses are offered at a subsidised rate or for free because RACPD is a charity that encourages the education and training of Service personnel, veterans and dependents.

Eligible personnel can further offset the cost by using Learning Credits, either Standard Learning Credits (SLC), by Regular and Reservist personnel or Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC), by Regular personnel and veterans. Should you do have to pay and are, or were in the military, then make sure you use your Learning Credits.

What are Learning Credits?
Learning Credits are a financial contribution by MOD towards studies/courses taken by Regular (ELC & SLC) and Reservist (SLC only) Service personnel. There are two main types; Standard Learning Credits (SLC) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC). You should try to use your annual SLC allowance for as many years as possible while serving, either in preparation for your next career or for courses useful in your current role. You don’t have to use your ELC just in resettlement, you can use it earlier on whilst you’re serving. Should you save some or all of your ELC until you have left you may well find it harder to use once you’re in a civilian job. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re entitled to and how you can go about using it - because you don’t want to miss out or leave it until it’s too late.

Standard Learning Credits (SLC)
SLC is a refund scheme. Payments are made after the completion of learning, and you must provide proof of learning. With SLC you can claim 80% of your fees up to a maximum of £175 each year, towards certain personal development courses, exams and support. The annual allowance runs from 1 April to 31 March. This allowance can’t be carried forward nor used for courses taken in the previous year so it’s important you don’t let them go to waste. To apply to use your SLC, you must complete an application form (MOD Form 1950) before starting a course. This form must be signed by your line manager and education staff. For more information contact your local Military Education/Learning Centre or Careers Officer.

The scheme is explained in detail in JSP 822 Chapter 1. SLC

You can download a copy of the application form here

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)
The ELC scheme offers you funding for longer or higher level learning courses. ELC awards are available in three ‘tiers’:

  • the ‘lower tier’ level of up to £1000 per annum if you have four or more years’ eligible service (pre 1 Apr 17) or 6 years (after 1 Apr 2017). 
  • single aggregated lower tier one-off payment of up to £3000 for those with 6 or more years qualifying service.
  • and the ‘upper tier’ level of up to £2000 if you have eight or more years’ eligible service. 

Providing you meet all the criteria, you can claim 3 times (as long as they are in separate financial years, for the lower and upper tiers only.) You can use ELC for up to 5 years from your last day of service*. You can use one claim for multiple courses, as long as they are linked by a single career goal or industry, and are with the same provider.

* If you left service prior to 1 Apr 2011, you will still keep 10 years post service access.

Visit www.enhancedlearningcredits.com  for further information.

All of our course information will tell you the initial cost of the course, eligibility and the reduced cost should you use your Learning Credits. If you have any queries then speak to a member of the team. Learning Credits can make a big difference so don’t let yours go to waste!