Most military personnel will be affected by the logistics trade, whether driving military vehicles or moving vehicle platforms.

The Logistics Courses run by RACPD are designed to help you in your current role but also to prepare you for a future one. By keeping up to date with the latest civilian driving laws and directives, ensures you achieve a nationally recognised qualification that you can use after your military career.

Two types of courses are run in our logistics programme:

  • Apprenticeships, which are available to members of the Royal Artillery only and include Functional Skills. With them, you can achieve a qualification while you work and improve your promotion prospects. If you are not in the RA but feel that you are in a suitable role for the course, then speak to our Logistics team to find out whether you can take it as a standalone qualification. See our Apprenticeship Learner Guide for a more in-depth look at apprenticeships.
  • Driver CPC and Forklift Truck Training, which are available to anyone. The Driver CPC course is required for anyone who wants to drive large goods vehicles professionally. These courses open doors to a range of jobs from working in a warehouse to working for a transport company.


Level 2 Certificate in Driving Goods Vehicles

Level 3 Certificate in Logistics Operations

Level 3 Certificate in Traffic Office

Other courses:

Counterbalance Forklift Truck Training

Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)

Level 5 Supply Chain Operations