RA PD Promotions

Since 2008, the RACPD has been supporting Royal Artillery soldiers and officers in their personal development (PD) and spreading the word of RACPD through PD promotions funds. We’ve been delighted to donate funding for all sorts of activities, from battlefield study excursions to skiing and sailing qualifications. It’s great to see personal development taking place and hearing how individuals and units have benefitted.

Remember PD doesn’t just have to be about gaining qualifications, it can also be by developing writing skills by writing an article or daily diary about the trip, or it can be by developing presenting skills by giving a presentation on return to the regiment. Be creative – both with your photos with the flag and in really getting the most PD out of your activity.

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to PD Promotions as well as the links to download a copy of the policy document and the application form. It is very important you read through the policy document before starting the application and that you answer all the questions on the application form before submitting.

A step-by-step guide to PD Promotions

  • Read through the policy document
  • Fill out an application form, answering all the questions, and have it signed by CO/2IC
  • Submit the application form to RACPD PD Promotions Manager for approval
  • If approved you will be sent an Agreement in Principal
  • Within one month of the PD activity taking place, forward the necessary evidence and a signed copy of the agreement form to the PD Promotions Manager
  • If all the criteria have been met, the PD Promotions Manager will confirm the evidence has been signed off, and the agreed funding will be transferred directly into the regimental account