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We love to hear how the qualifications you have gained are helping you to succeed in your jobs and careers. There are some great examples from our past and current learners on Your Stories.

Do you have your own story you would like to share? Please email info@racpd.org.uk with your details. We would love to hear from you!





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“The timing was challenging due to various exercises, but with the help and guidance of my assessor it was made easy for me!”
Gunner, Catterick

Three years ago an unexpected injury brought my military career to an abrupt end.

The road to recovery had been long with almost two years of rehab, all the while trying to identify a new career path that I wasn’t expecting to take for at least another ten years.

I constantly continued to improve my CV during my time in the Army, PD is an important part in continuing to improve yourself, not only as a soldier but as an attractive employee to civilian companies once leaving the Army (That time will come eventually).

My advice would be to always have a Plan B, no matter how long you are planning to serve as you never know what will happen, PD is that plan B, without the qualifications I gained continually while serving, I wouldn’t have gained employment as soon as I did after leaving.

The PD I did was directly responsible for my future employment, on a salary that matched my Army wage. Make use of the time and money the Army offers you, choose a path where qualifications will complement each other in the field you wish to be employed in. Do this throughout your career so a future employer recognises you continually improve, and don’t cram however many years of study into your last 12 months on resettlement.